RIAA Drops Its Suit Against a Deceased Defendant

The Recording Industry Association of America has dropped plans to pursue an antipiracy lawsuit against Larry Scantlebury, a defendant who recently passed away, by deposing his children.

The trade group drew fire from bloggers and peer-to-peer advocates when it responded to Mr. Scantlebury’s death by moving to stay its case for 60 days (The Chronicle, August 14). Perhaps sensing an impending public-relations disaster, an RIAA spokesman has e-mailed Boing Boing, one of its fiercest critics, to announce that the association has reversed course and decided to drop the case altogether.

The announcement hasn’t put an end to the trade group’s image problems, though: Boing Boing and other blogs were quick to ridicule the spokesman’s declaration that the RIAA showed “an abundance of sensitivity” in abandoning the suit. —Brock Read

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