Salisbury U. Hopes to Entice Students to Use Digital Media Regularly

This week Salisbury University unveiled its Center for Integrated Media — a project, six years in the making, that aims to give students from every department on campus an opportunity to mesh audio and video with their daily homework assignments.

Located within the 165,000 square-foot Teacher Education and Technology Center, the facility boasts a 3,000 square-foot, high-definition video-recording studio, 15 video-editing suites, five audio-editing suites, and digital camcorders available for rent at no cost. For 16 hours a day, the facility is open to all students and faculty — mediocre garage bands included, as Jerome Waldron, chief information officer for University Technology Services, points out.

“What we’ve done in a nutshell is create a real high end media center with the idea that nobody owns it and it is really designed for the creation of digital media,” Mr. Waldron said.

Mr. Waldron said the university is now trying to figure how exactly the $5.3-million worth of goods will be maintained. “It’s going to be pretty hefty come three, four, five years from now when we have to replace this equipment,” Mr. Waldron said. —David DeBolt

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