Stanford U. Unveils iPhone Application That Will Soon Let Students Locate Each Other

Stanford University recently unveiled a free iPhone application that ties into the university’s student-registration system and offers a range of services for students on the go. Soon the service will let students call up a campus map that shows the current locations of other students in the area who also have iPhones (and who have granted permission for the service to spot them).

Development of the application, iStanford, was led by two students at the university, Kayvon Beykpour and Aaron Wasserman. They weren’t just doing the job for fun — Stanford commissioned the software from the students’ software company, Terriblyclever Design. Last week their creation was touted as the next big thing by Time magazine.

In an interview with The Chronicle last week, Mr. Beykpour said that the new features of iStanford would help students find their friends and send them instant messages right from the interactive map. He said his company was already working with two other universities to build similar applications for their campuses.

It will be interesting to see whether students — or professors — allow friends to track their every move.

For those who do not have an iPhone, Stanford also offers many campus services on a Web site designed for other Web-capable cell phones.

If you know of other innovative college uses of mobile phones, send them our way for our Mobile College Apps series. —Jeffrey R. Young

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