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Crosstalk: The Meaning of ‘Free’ and ‘Open’; Mobile Presentations

Terminology: After recent announcements from Pearson and Blackboard that emphasized that their products were “free” and “open,” some observers responded by accusing the vendors of spouting marketing hype. But Michael Feldstein at e-Literate writes that the 2647″>two companies’ approaches are actually quite different and should be evaluated more carefully.

Mobile: Dave Olsen at Mobile in Higher Ed summarizes and links to a number of useful presentations on mobile technology at last week’s HighEdW…


Crosstalk: Educause Video Archive; Why You Hate Your CMS

Educause Archive: Higher ed’s biggest tech conference is over, but Educause has posted a video archive of selected sessions. For those who missed them, be sure to check out Danah Boyd’s presentation on students and online privacy, a Pew presentation on trends in mobile learning, and The Chronicle’s panel on the challenges of the unbundled university.

Mobile Growth: Mary Meeker, a former Morgan Stanley analyst who is one of the most perceptive thinkers on the future of technology, made her annual…


Crosstalk: Why Education Start-Ups Fail; First Thoughts on OpenClass

Why Education Start-Ups Fail: Education is a big market for entrepreneurs and investors, but not in the way they often think, writes Avichal Garg. Many entrepreneurs think they can use technology to make education better for a relatively wealthy audience in the United States. They would have more success focusing on making education cheaper for poor Americans or students in Asia, and tempering their goals to grow quickly, Mr. Garg writes.

OpenClass Reviewed: Pearson Education announced last week…


Crosstalk: Republicans and Open Educational Resources; Social-Media Burnout

Appropriations: A spending bill released last month by House Republicans appears to stipulate that the federal government stop supporting a $2-billion program to develop freely available online resources, writes Audrey Watters at Hack Education. The bill would explicitly prohibit the Department of Labor, 67″>which runs the program, from spending money to develop courses or materials unless they are found to be not otherwise available in the commercial marketplace. Publishers have lobbied against…


Crosstalk: Changing World of College PR; Match.com for Admissions; and More

Frictionless PR: Dennis Miller, public-relations director at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, isn’t bothered that he “>didn’t learn about his president’s departure until 20 minutes before it was publicly announced this month. The new world of communications demands a different strategy than a week’s worth of meetings and press conferences, he says.

Broken Admissions: As part of The Atlantic’s excellent package on college admissions, Clay Christiansen and Henry Eyring argue that the Apollo …


Crosstalk: Web Strategy at Small Colleges, Student-Seating Visualization

Crosstalk is a new weekly feature on Wired Campus that will link to some of the best online conversations and ideas about technology in higher education during the past week. Send ideas to josh.keller@chronicle.com.

Web strategy for small colleges: They can lack the resources or the will to put cutting-edge Web solutions into place. But being cutting-edge isn’t really the point, writes Ron Bronson at EduStir, who goes over how employees at colleges with fewer resources can realistically approac…