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How Student Video Presentations Can Build Community in an Online Course

It may sound pretty routine to convert a course to an online format, but doing so presents many unexpected challenges and can even challenge a professor’s assumptions about the nature of academic coursework.

Giving a timed test, for instance, is something that’s almost trivial in a face-to-face course but approaches impossibility in an asynchronous online course. How do you give a timed test when you don’t have fixed meeting times? (There are ways to do this, but they are almost all creepy.)…


Coursera Announces Details for Selling Certificates and Verifying Identities

How is a major provider of free online courses going to tell whether you are who you say you are? By how you type.

The company, Coursera, plans to announce on Wednesday the start of a pilot project to check the identities of its students and offer “verified certificates” of completion, for a fee. A key part of that validation process will involve what Coursera officials call “keystroke biometrics”—analyzing each user’s pattern and rhythm of typing to serve as a kind of fingerprint.

The company h…


eCornell Offers a MOOC That Steers Students to a Paid Follow-Up

Cornell University’s online spinoff is moving into MOOCs, with a free marketing course in its hospitality program starting on Tuesday. But the program will be designed to steer students toward a follow-up course for $1,200 to get a professional certificate.

The free online course, “Marketing the Hospitality Brand Through New Media: Social, Mobile, and Search,” is being offered by eCornell. It’s geared toward people working in sales, marketing, and financial positions in the hospitality industr…


‘UnderAcademy College’ Satirizes Massive Open Online Courses

A new provider of free online courses pokes fun at the growing trend of providing massive open online courses, or MOOC’s, and offers an alternative model of free online education.

Think of it as an anti-MOOC.

The logo for the online institution, called UnderAcademy College, is an upside-down pig, and its motto is “unaccredited since 2011.” Course offerings include such irreverent titles as “Grammar Porn” and “Underwater Procrastination and Advanced Desublimation Techniques.” Registration is now …