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10 Highly Selective Colleges Form Consortium to Offer Online Courses

A group of 10 highly selective colleges has formed a consortium to offer online courses that students enrolled at any of the campuses can take for credit.

The group, which includes Wake Forest and Brandeis Universities, will offer semester-long online courses using software from 2U, an education-technology company formerly called 2tor. Students already attending the institutions can earn credit from any college in the group, while students who are not enrolled at those colleges can apply to take…


Colleges Install Cellphone-Charging Stations for Hyperconnected Students

A low cellphone battery is a source of anxiety for many college students these days, sending them searching dining halls or libraries for a place to recharge. To reduce panicked questions about where to find the nearest power outlet, universities are purchasing charging stations like those already common in airports. Some are even installing small lockers with power outlets inside, for students who want to keep devices safe while they power up.

Companies like goCharge and KwikBoost say they have…


‘Hackathon’ Events Proliferate for Student Programmers

Many computer-science majors dream of creating start-up companies in California or New York, taking a brilliant idea from their undergraduate days and transforming it into a successful source of profit. This year, “hackathon” events for student programmers—where teams guzzle caffeine as they code for daylong competitions—are proliferating as technology companies look to find top talent and students seek hands-on experience.

Although the term “hacking” often refers to breaching private inform…