University Puts Researchers on YouTube to Stir Commercial Interest

Stephen Kinsey wanted to find a more personal way to connect inventors at his university to businesses that might be interested in their creations.

So he let researchers do the talking, explaining their work in videos on a YouTube channel created at the University of Maryland at Baltimore last month.

Mr. Kinsey, technology-licensing officer for the university’s department of commercial ventures and intellectual property, said the short videos aren’t intended as a hard sell. Rather, they’re an opportunity to let researchers shine in a way they might not in written descriptions of their work.

“Their passion for the technology comes through,” he said. “A lot of times they’re giving you a little more than you’re going to get in a very specific technical description.”

Mr. Kinsey said several universities have contacted him because they are interested in developing similar YouTube channels. The Baltimore project is just one of the technological ideas that universities are using to stir commercial interest.


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