Web Site Brings Student Portfolios and Companies Together

An online service opening today offers a new approach to connecting students with potential employers.

The service is called Seelio (a portmanteau of “see” and “portfolio”), and it aims to simplify the postgraduate job hunt by creating a place where online student portfolios are seen by a network of companies.

Only students with a .edu e-mail address can set up portfolios on the site, and the interactive Web pages include both traditional résumés and multimedia materials including videos, photos, and papers that are relevant to the students’ work experience. But what distinguishes Seelio from existing ePortfolio sites (such as Foliotek and RCampus) is that companies can also create accounts and browse through student profiles, post jobs, and search for potential employees based on skills or relevant projects.

Seelio grew out of an earlier service offered for students at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and it currently hosts about 1,600 students and 150 companies, said Moses K. Lee, Seelio’s co-founder.

These employers—which include Airtime, Compuware, Teach for America, and Under Armour—learned about the site when they sent representatives to the University of Michigan to recruit new employees, Mr. Lee said. Seelio is now working with various career centers and sending representatives to career fairs to encourage more businesses to sign up.

“College students are at the right stage to be creating a really strong online presence,” said Mr. Lee. “The traditional résumé can’t showcase personality, accomplishment, and passions, which really give an edge in the career search. And, for companies, it’s useful for recruiting purposes to look beyond the bullet points.”

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