Griffith University


Griffith University is comprehensive, research-intensive university, ranking in the top 3% of universities worldwide. Our teaching and research spans five campuses in South East Queensland and all disciplines, while our network of more than 120,000 graduates extends around the world.

In 1971, Griffith was created to be a new kind of university; one with students at its core, teaching progressive degrees across a range of disciplines, focused on sustainability and deeply connected with the Asia–Pacific region.

Our founders knew professional and industrial environments constantly change and that universities needed to equip their students with the skills to adapt with them.

The world operates in an interconnected way and so too does study, teaching and research at Griffith. Everything we do—from education to research and community engagement—is designed to meet the new world our students, graduates and communities will encounter.

Our vision is to be one of the most influential universities in Australia and the Asia–Pacific region

  • Griffith Review

    Griffith REVIEW is a high quality, agenda-setting, quarterly publication, delivering insight into the issues that matter most in a timely, authoritative and engaging fashion. It is designed to foster and inform public debate and to provide a bridge between the expertise of specialists and the curiosity of readers. Over the past twelve years it won four Walkley Awards, which recognise excellence in Australian journalism, and 11 Premier’s Literary awards. 

  • Griffith Asia Quarterly

    Griffith Asia Quarterly is the journal of the Griffith Asia Institute. It seeks to publish innovative, interdisciplinary research on key contemporary developments in the politics, economics, societies and cultures of Asia. ‘Asia’ in this context is broadly defined as including: the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, North-East Asia, South-East Asia, and Australasia. 

  • Review of the Australian Curriculum

    In 2014, Professor Tony Makin and Dr Alex Robson from the Griffith Business School were invited by the Australian Federal Government to review the national economics and business curriculum being taught in Australian schools, in particular assessing the relevance for contemporary economic and business behaviour. (p344)

  • White Paper: Reform of the Federation

    Work by the Griffith University Centre for Governance and Public Policy on federalism is highlighted in the White Paper on Federal Reform taskforce process hosted by the Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet. 

  • Report: Disaster to Renewal: The Centrality of Business Recovery to Community Resilience

    The Regional Australia Institute (RAI) commissioned Griffith University to undertake a series of case studies examining the economic recovery of rural communities following natural disasters.