Beyond the classroom


#1 Accommodation

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The University offers a variety of well-equipped halls of residence across the campus. The on-campus apartment style accommodation provides the perfect environment for students to engage with one another and the Roehampton community.

London - the gateway to Europe

#2 London - the gateway to Europe

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Many students take the opportunity to explore Europe during their time at the University of Roehampton. For many this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity before pursuing their chosen career. The cities of Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris and Rome are all within a few hours of London by plane. Travel agents offer competitive prices to students, allowing even those on a tight budget to travel across Europe.

Online & worldwide

#3 Online & worldwide

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As part of a growing international reach, the University of Roehampton has named Laureate Online Education B.V. as its exclusive global education partner in delivering a new suite of online postgraduate programmes. Courses accredited by the University are now available worldwide.  Roehampton is also actively engaged in capacity building projects, harnessing its academic strengths for the benefit of the wider society, both in UK and overseas. Current projects include:
    • Putting Human Rights at the Heart of Higher Education in the Western Balkans
    • Conservation of Ethiopia's church forests

On-going support during your studies

#4 On-going support during your studies

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The University of Roehampton offers a broad range of free support services, such as student counselling, a chaplaincy service and an on-site Medical Centre. They offer pastoral help and academic guidance to all students throughout their studies.

The Social part!

#5 The Social part!

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The University of Roehampton Students’ Union has more than 60 societies and sports clubs, so it is hard not to find something that interests you. There are a range of opportunities and volunteering projects, to help you get the most out of your time here. There is also an entertainment programme that includes weekly events such as the Bop, Fez Club and larger events such as Freshers’ Week, and the pinnacle event of the year, the Summer Ball.


#6 Sport

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Try your hand at anything from athletics, cheerleading or football to Jujitsu, rowing and even Ultimate Frisbee. Sport Roehampton have countless teams and clubs that you can join to learn new skills and play at a competitive level or even just for fun.