Dance Company of Roehampton Alumni chosen to perform at 'Resolution'

A Roehampton graduate’s performance has been selected to be shown at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre as part of Resolution!, the biggest European platform for new choreographers. Nikki Watson, a 2010 graduate, formed CODA Dance whilst studying at the University of Roehampton and has since gone onto produce works which have been displayed locally and nationally. Nikki strives to create work from her life experiences. Her productions are filled with adrenaline fuelled; fast paced low-flying floor work that seeks to challenge dancers physically and technically. 

Nikki’s latest production, 'You remind me of someone I once knew', will be shown at Resolution!. Around 18 months ago Nikki’s mother was diagnosed with the debilitating disease MS and this work is her response to the situation and a curiously changing relationship between two people. The piece is an adrenaline-fuelled duet danced by two Roehampton graduates, Kim Collins and Georgia Godfrey.

CODA Dance will perform alongside two other emerging contemporary dance companies DO NOT DANCE UK, under the direction of Jose Campos, and Hamish MacPherson and Martine Painter.