HLC Up and Running

The new HLC

#1 The new HLC

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Metropolitan State University of Denver unveiled its Hotel and Hospitality Learning Center (HLC) on Aug. 3, 2012. It’s the only facility of its kind in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain west.

The new Marriott SpringHill Suites

#2 The new Marriott SpringHill Suites

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MSU Denver’s 635 Hospitality, Tourism and Events (HTE) majors are learning how to manage the 150-room Marriott SpringHill Suites Downtown Denver alongside industry veterans.

The Quantity Food Lab

#3 The Quantity Food Lab

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The HLC has a number of innovative learning spaces, including the Quantity Food Lab, where nutrition majors and HTE majors learn behind-the-scenes skills in the industry.

The Sensory Analysis Lab

#4 The Sensory Analysis Lab

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The Sensory Analysis Lab allows students to use all five senses when analyzing food and beverages.

The Wine Cellar Storage Lab

#5 The Wine Cellar Storage Lab

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The Wine Cellar Storage Lab teaches students the finer points of managing a wine cellar. The lab can hold up to 3,100 bottles of wine.

The Dining Mixology Lab

#6 The Dining Mixology Lab

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The Dining Mixology Lab is an airy, open showcase for student chefs and mixologists alike, and a place to learn how to entertain groups of people.

The Culinary Demonstration Theater

#7 The Culinary Demonstration Theater

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In the Culinary Demonstration Theater, MSU Denver students can see how professional chefs go about crafting menus.

Graduate with experience

#8 Graduate with experience

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MSU Denver students work to learn the hotel industry throughout the SpringHill Suites Downtown Denver. This is one of the hotel’s double rooms.

Contemporary design

#9 Contemporary design

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The SpringHill Suites modern décor is showcased throughout the property. Here’s a look at the lobby from the second floor.

MSU Denver artwork

#10 MSU Denver artwork

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MSU Denver students, faculty and alumni created the artwork inside the hotel and learning center.

A true learning lab

#11 A true learning lab

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The HLC at MSU Denver is very much a learning lab that provides its students with immersive education experiences that help them graduate with degrees and experience in the field.