A Time for New Frontiers and Cross-Collaboration

IE University’s international conference, Reinventing Higher Education, takes place annually in Madrid.  The overriding aim of the conference, which was organized this year in collaboration with the British Council, is to bring together university administrators, policy makers, entrepreneurs, academics, student representatives and media experts to discuss the current status and future evolution of higher education and to debate the direction in which research, learning, governance and management of universities should be directed.

Taking part this year were representatives from university institutions and opinion leaders from the USA, Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. The conference, entitled “Time for New Frontiers and Cross-Collaboration”, served as a platform for academics, university CEOs, politicians and opinion leaders to examine the changes in higher education.

In collaboration with the British Council, IE University moderated panel discussions about the UK university system. Speakers included the General Director of Education and Society of The British Council, a UK Government representative, and directors from the University of Leeds, the University of Nottingham and the University of Law. The discussions analyzed the changes occurring in the UK’s university system, and reflected on the resulting future implications for the European Higher Education Area.

Additional speakers represented institutions such as The British Council, Qatar Foundation, World Economic Forum, UK Government, Fundació Getulio Vargas, University of Chicago, European Commission, Universidad Carlos III, and University of Kuala Lumpur. The complete list of speakers can be seen at: www.rhe.ie.edu/speakers.php 

The conference began with a panel which discussed the internationalization challenges faced by Spanish universities. Participants were Daniel Peña, Rector of Universidad Carlos III of Madrid, Teresa García-Milá, General Director of the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, and Salvador Carmona, Rector of IE University. A group of experts then analyzed the impact of higher education as a driving force for national economies and the growth of new training experiences through technology, such as the proliferation of MOOCs which make education exceedingly more accessible.

The first three editions congregated more than one hundred and twenty experts on areas of higher education management and education policies and impact. The Reinventing Higher Education conferences result in highly stimulating debates about the current challenges and opportunities in the academic sector.

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