The University of Warwick

George A. Akerlof – Phishing for Phools


Nobel Laureate George Akerlof challenges the view that free markets are invariably right.

Liverpool John Moores University

University of Exeter

  • Exploring living systems

    One of the world’s most pioneering developmental geneticists has been appointed as Director of the Living Systems Institute.

Griffith University

  • AFR recognises English language strategy

    A Griffith University initiative to help international students increase their English language skills has won a national award recognising outstanding achievement in the higher education sector.

St. George's University

  • Aquatic Animal Medicine

    Veterinary practitioners gain in-depth insight into treatment of fish in April continuing education course in Grenada.

The University of Scranton

James Cook University

The University of Warwick

  • What Makes a Good Leader?

    Would you rather have a distant, aggressive leader, or a caring, hands-on leader? Would it depend on the results they got? And can only certain styles of leadership achieve good results? Professor André Spicer, WBS, has been researching varying methods of leadership.