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About American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) is a multi-ethnic, career-oriented university and it is the only one to act on the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Classes at the AUBiH are based on the American liberal education with undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies, which are in line with the Bologna principles. AUBiH was established in partnership with the State University of New York Canton (SUNY) and it offers specialized programs located in Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar and Tuzla. AUBiH is based on American educational system, with curricula and rules of study consistent with SUNY. In accordance with the mission of the University, the goal is to provide quality university education, for students throughout the region, that follows the world trends in specialized areas of economics, public relations, technology and art.

AUBIH students have the option of obtaining AUBiH diploma and /or SUNY diploma. During the study, AUBiH students that chose SUNY option, have the status of full-time student enrolled at the State University of New York (SUNY Canton). Since AUBiH and SUNY operate under harmonized rules, curricula and exchange of teaching staff, students are guaranteed equal, high quality educational experience offered by SUNY in the USA. Upon successful completion of studies at AUBiH, students are awarded with AUBIH diploma and / or SUNY Canton diploma, depending on the option they have chosen at the beginning of the study. Students studying at graduate level receive only AUBiH diploma.


Throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) is known for its internationally integrated curriculum, commitment to teaching and focus on the individual student. With an eye to the future, AUBiH is committed to graduating men and women of excellence who have the intellectual and personal skills needed to excel in an increasingly diverse and technologically complex society. At each of its three campuses and through its varied degree programs, AUBiH strives to create a learner-centered environment of continuous faculty and student interaction.

The education at AUBiH is based on the American liberal arts model and consists of core curriculum (general education), major and elective (specialty) courses. That means that whatever  students major in, they will take a quarter of  classes in the humanities and sciences. They will learn to think critically and creatively, sort through complexities, cultivate a breadth of knowledge, exercise judgment, and adapt to change – all essential skills for the professionals who will help to build a multi-cultural world community.
The curriculum of AUBiH is designed to ensure that your skills, attitudes, and work habits are consistent with the demands of the global marketplace. These intellectual and practical abilities include:

•  Effective communication

•  Critical inquiry and creative thinking

•  Problem-solving

•  Quantitative literacy

•  Information literacy

•  Cultural awareness

Lectures are held at each of the University's campuses in Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar and Tuzla. The duration of AUBiH's undergraduate academic programs Bachelor degree consist of 8 semesters over the course of a four year period. Graduating at AUBiH students will receive Becaculate degree with a minimum of 240 ECTS credits according to Bolonja declaration and for some programs SUNY Canton Bachelor degree 124 credit hours. Master degree consists of two semesters over one academic year and 90 ETCS credits. Doctoral degree consist of six semesters and three academic year receiving total of 180 ETCS credits. Upon completing courses at AUBiH you will be issued a transcript with courses, credit hours, grades, GPA and other necessary information from AUBiH. During regular two AUBiH semesters, you can take 5 courses per semester, typically earning three or four U.S. credit hours per course if applicable to the major. AUBiH operates on the semester system within the European academic calendar. The fall semester begins in early October and ends in mid January. The spring semester begins in year February and ends in late May. In short, an AUBiH will prepare you to meet the high standards expected by employers in today's global workplace.


Undergraduate program:

•  International law

•  International relations and diplomacy

•  International comparative public administration

•  International comparative political science

•  International security

•  Information technology

•  Industrial technology management

•  International Economic systems

•  International finance

•  International sales and marketing

•  Master in Business Administration

•  Graphical and multimedia design

•  New media and journalism

Graduate program:

•  International law

•  International relationship and diplomacy

•  International security

•  Information and communication technology

•  Industrial technology management

•  Master in Business Administration (MBA)

•  International economics and trade

•  International sales and marketing

Doctoral program:

•  International law

•  International finance

•  Information technology

•  Industrial technology management


AUBiH partners with State University of New York ( SUNY Canton) to offer dual Bosnian and American diplomas. That cooperation with SUNY is regulated with a memorandum of understanding between the two institutions and has been in effect since founding of the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina. First generation of AUBiH and SUNY Canton graduates in Bosnia and Herzegovina received their diplomas in June of 2010. Former American President Bill Clinton sent his video message to graduates at the commencement ceremony congratulating their achievements and praising founders of the university. Students that graduated from AUBiH stayed in Bosnia and Herzegovina and found excellent jobs or continued their education.


At American University in B&H, we create value for society and all our stakeholders by offering superior, responsive educational programs that are supported by exceptional service to students, and delivered with integrity and accountability. Success depends on fostering a culture in which our values support our student’s success in the classroom.  AUBIH, in its short existence, is proud of its reputation for integrity and quality and we are determined to protect and enhance it.

AUBIH seeks to be successful by acting fairly and honestly. We seek competitive advantage through superior performance and advanced analytical and social skills. Every employee, administrator or professor must deal fairly and in good faith with, and respect the rights of, AUBIH students, employees, professional associates, suppliers, consultants, competitors, the public and one another.

We are looking for professionals with  segnificant job experiance,  who want to advance in their careers and are highly qualified to teach.  Main abilities that we prefer include  flexibility along with professional behavior, teaching experiance and good organization skills. We are creating dinamic enviroment, with employees driven to success.


•  2011 March, U.S. Ambassador Patrick S. Moon, U.S. Embassy Marks 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps.

•  2010 December, American University in BiH awarded ms Tanja Fajon, Member of the European Parliament, with the degree of Honorary Doctorate of Science. An honorary doctorate was as an expression of recognition for her contribution in creating the conditions for development of the Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in particular, the development of higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

•  2010 October, United States Secretary of State, Hillary Rodhman Clinton visited AUBiH students and delivered a speech to the community and public support to AUBiH.

•  2010 September, U. S. Senator George Voinovich addressed the students of AUBiH via video link from Capital Hill.

•  2010 June, Commander of NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo, General David Enyeart held the lecture on AUBiH in Tuzla

•  2010 June, former President Wiliam Jefferson Clinton deliver video speech to commencement ceremony 2010.

•  2010 June, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, James Steinberg visited AUBiH and delivered a speech

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