• October 16, 2017

The University of Manchester

More than 100 Professorships & Lectureships

The University of Manchester has a proud record of achievement and an ambitious vision for the future. We’ve many world-leading scholars on our staff, including three Nobel Prize winners, and we’re now making a significant strategic investment to appoint more than 100 new academic staff to help us to achieve our ambitious goals for research and education.

World-leading minds answering the world’s biggest questions.
The UK’s largest university, we’re committed to pioneering research, often across disciplines, which also enriches the learning environment for our students.

Here in the heart of a vibrant city, you’ll be able to collaborate with brilliant minds to solve tomorrow’s challenges today. You’ll also enjoy educating and inspiring the leaders of the future.

Britain’s largest university
Spearheading research of international standing across a diverse range of fields, we’re a University of scale, breadth and depth that:

•  Employs over 11,000 people

•  Offers over 400 degree courses

•  Supports hundreds of specialist research groups

•  Has world-class facilities and more Nobel Prize winners on our current staff than any other UK university

•  Is the UK’s second most popular university for undergraduate applications

•  Pioneered many firsts from the splitting of the atom to building the world’s first modern computer

Vibrant, cosmopolitan and heralded as the culture capital of the North, Manchester is widely regarded as Britain’s second city. A great place to live, work, shop, watch sport and enjoy life to the full, our diverse region is home to stunning countryside and attractive towns and villages. Situated close to the coast and the Lake District, London is only around two hours away by train, and Manchester Airport provides a gateway to the world.

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The future, made in Manchester.

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