Pushier publisher reps?

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Is it just me, or have publishers reps become much more aggressive about getting feedback on exam copies this year? Just in the past few weeks I've fielded half a dozen very strongly worded emails and drop-ins from reps. In one, the rep basically invited themselves to a meeting with me. In another, the rep was pushing for feedback for a book I had just gotten in the mail that same day.

Has anybody else run into this?

I suspect it's a perfectly rational response to the conditions in publishing just now: (1) they probably get in trouble with their boss if they freely supply exam copies which no one intends to use in a class (used to be the chief reason for going to the MLA book exhibit 20 years ago). And (2) their job (or their salary) depends on the sales orders they generate, so they really want to hear things they can use when pushing the book on the next place they visit.

Ha ha, I was thinking of starting a thread almost exactly like this a few weeks ago. I too am feeling as if the reps have lately become more aggressive in their direct marketing to professors. I would feel pity for the reps, if I did not feel so much irritation at them for bugging me so much.

I grew up with midwest "nice".

Dealing with book reps were my first lesson in when being nice will get you nowhere fast.

Thank goodness for the internet. Back in the old days, direct contact with your book rep was the only way to get information or exam copies.

I'm finding that too...not just in terms of feedback, but also reps who want to push irrelevant texts that have nothing to do with my field.  Those emails now get sent to my spam folder. 


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