E-mailing student about exception to assignment?


One of my students has just e-mailed to ask me to accept a late assignment, which I will not do (violates course policy).  I would like to remind the student that I have already made one exception for him on another assignment (not regarding the deadline), and I can't make a second exception.  However, if I explicitly state this in my e-mail, what are the possible drawbacks?  Is there any need to worry about a written admission that I have made an exception?  He's a nice kid, and I want to deal with this in a kindly manner, however without risking any future problems.

There could be. Just say something like:

Dear Stu Dent, While I appreciate your situation, I am unable to violate course policy and make an exception. In the past, I have worked with you in any ways I have been able to assist you, and will continue to do so in the future as my goal is to help you be successful; however, I cannot change a policy for the course in order to do this.


Of course with your voice and nuances, but to that effect. That sort of says "I helped you once, remember?" It also is a nice black and white "I'm not out to get you but NO."

I have a student this semester who is looking for me to pick on Stu personally and would walk every email to the director of graduate studies if there was anything to walk. I make sure there isn't and Stu is treated like all the other Dents.

I agree that you need to be careful of what you write.

Simple reply: I will not.

Quote from: new_bus_prof on March 27, 2013, 10:12:33 pm

Simple reply: I will not.


"According to course policy, I cannot accept the assignment." 

That is all you need to put in writing.


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