Can I tell my student I hate him?

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I am a fairly young faculty member (finishing my third year) and I have come across the most disrespectful student I have ever experienced. He is a basketball player at our SLAC and there are 5 of his teammates in my class of 30, so I think he feels strength in the numbers. The worst example I have is when I was talking about children born without limbs and he started laughing so hard he had to put his head down to cover it up. But I have many more examples of why he makes my blood boil.

Where do I go from here? I am good friends with the athletic director so I am going to ask if the three of us can meet and talk about it. If the AD does not want to do that, do I go elsewhere or just let it go? I really think he needs to be told that his behavior is extremely inappropriate and disrespectful.

I should mention I am starting a new (dream) job in the fall, so do I care? Part of me just wants to wait until he turns in the final and tell him what I think of him. Please remind me that this isn't a good idea.

It isn't. Disengage. Plus you might feel better just having posted this.

Why do you put up with this? You don't need a meeting. Just kick his ass out of class when he does something like that.

Definitely tell the AD what's going on.  He's representing his team with this behavior and I'm sure the AD would like to be in on this info. I wouldn't bother with a meeting, though. 

This is not a good idea.  It might have been a good idea to call him on his inappropriate behavior when it occurred ("Does this seem funny to you, Mr. Smith?  Can you explain yourself?" or "Your behavior is inappropriate, Mr. Smith; you will need to leave the classroom for X minutes to compose yourself"), but telling him you hate him now will make you seem powerless and petty.

Also, it is absolutely true that what goes around comes around.  You don't want to tell him you hate him, and then have him hired as the Athletic Director at a school where you're teaching.


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