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Author Topic: Lateral Moves?  (Read 7378 times)
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« on: March 29, 2012, 5:42:39 pm »

So being a postdoc has been great.  I've had a productive and exciting time.  And my life outside of work has also been productive and exciting; I had my first child and have been enjoying the many changes this has brought to my life.

But with having this baby and wanting to have another child soon, I don't think I want to apply for tenure-track positions this coming job cycle.  It's something I'd like to do in maybe 5 years, when my partner and I will have all the kids we want and they'll all be out of infancy.  But is it possible to do that?  Sometimes I feel like you either progress up the academic ladder or you fall off it entirely.

What are some ideas for lateral moves?  Are there any?
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Have you worked on that project today?

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What is your field? 

In my fields, taking a research job after being a postdoc is very common.  Staying as a postdoc for several years is also very common (I'm finishing my seventh year as a postdoc now and I'll start my first TT position in the fall and I'm not unusual).

The biggest question you have to ask yourself is what job you can get that will keep building a CV that will look good to an academic hiring committee.  If you are thinking of a teaching school, then you have to keep teaching at least a course a year or so.  If you are thinking of a regional comprehensive institution, then you have to publish and present at a rate that makes you at least average compared to the people who apply there.

You don't necessarily have to commit to an academic career right this second, but if you want one eventually, then you do have to keep that CV in good shape.  What your exact title is while keeping that CV in shape is less important than keeping up a publication and presentation record.

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