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Author Topic: Professional relationship with tenure-track professor:a sad story of adjunct (1)  (Read 23005 times)
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In my state adjuncts are able to get unemployment and also full-time VAP or multiple year contracts can too. I have received it as both. It varies from state to state and might depend on how much you are making, rather than the number of courses. Check it out. There is a document on adjunctnation.com about how to apply and lots of testimonials about it. At least look and see what others have done. A lot of those at the Unemployment Compensation offices do not understand at first and others will try to dissuade you. Their rules are set up to deal with K-12 teachers, which is a different situation and generally universities don't want you to file, because in states that DO allow adjuncts to get unemployment, some university departments benefit from it if you don't apply. They pay into the insurance and then they are allowed to keep the money if adjuncts do not get the UC. So some universities are not only making money because they are hiring adjuncts at a cheaper rate but also because they are getting to keep the unemployment benefits since nobody files. This information is in one of the big documents on Adjunct Nation about collecting unemployment.

Unless you plan on working at that department again (which it sounds like you are not) there is nothing to lose from filing. 
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