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Author Topic: Harvard encourages academics to publish in open access journals  (Read 4111 times)
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Cathy Davidson has a thoughtful piece in response to the memo on the HASTAC blog. Part of what she says is

I think we have to distinguish between over-priced journals and journals that are "free."   What are the costs of free?  Who pays?   As in all things, someone does.   University presses are already severely undersubsidized relative to their costs and their importance to the machinery of higher education--teaching, tenure, and so forth.  University presses are not for-profit publishing.  University presses do not make money on publishing scholarly work. 

Full text is here.

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I'm all for this:

"The memo asks faculty members to encourage their professional organisations to take control of scholarly publishing ...." 

Since we're already doing the research, writing, peer-reviewing, and editing, surely publishing online can be managed by large associations.  I'd love to see my own associations doing this instead of some of the fluff they do now.  But I need to educate myself.  What's the model we should be pushing our associations toward?  Which associations are exemplary in open-access (or whatever) publishing? 
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