What Are the Most Frustrating and Most Exhilarating Things that Students Do?

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From your years in teaching:

What is one thing that students that frustrates you?

(Examples: inquiring too often about grades, asking if something will be on the test, arguing over grades, etc)

On the other hand, what are the most exhilarating things that students do?

(Examples: Unexpectedly visiting office hours to delve more deeply into course material, submitting a well-prepared draft before due date and taking your corrections into consideration, doing supplemental reading)

Please feel free to share any anecdotes

Frustrating: they start trite threads by giving examples that don't align at all with my experiences. Example: all the items listed under "exhilerating" sound like tedious brown-nosing to me.

Is this a homework assignment you are working on?


The reason your threads are drawing a lot of skepticism is that you are throwing out random topics for discussion and not offering anything original yourself. Typically threads here are started by someone who wants to share a funny or frustrating experience in order to give others a laugh or ask how they have handled similar situations. Yours sound more like posts of someone who is gathering material for a book or blog and doesn't have any personal experience in academia beyond possibly having been (or being) an undergrad. Look a little more carefully at how this board functions.

Most frustrating:
When a very bright student in a seminar starts babbling excitedly and I can't understand what point hu is trying to make.

Most exhilarating:
When the other students in the class seem to understand, and it sparks a response.


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