That darn random capitalization again!

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Every time I grade papers (and I have mentioned this before) I find the students capitalize the strangest things.  Nearly all of them do it.  It takes me much longer to grade because I am constantly having to explain why words in the middle of the sentence should not be capitalized.  Doesn't anyone understand proper nouns anymore?  Have any of you noticed this as well?  I will get sentences like:

"In Ancient Egypt there were many Gods and Goddesses."  "In the past it was a Matriarchal Society."  "The Kings and Queens were very powerful."

There is also a sad misunderstanding of "its" and "it's," and confusion over possessive and plural such as "goddess's" and "goddesses."    Example:  "There were many goddess's."

I could get past a few, but I am noticing it in almost every paper I grade this semester.  I make comments to explain why one should be used over the other and the next paper they do the very same thing again. 

It boggles the mind!  I find myself almost laughing at how randomly it is used in papers.  I mentioned it in class and they laughed?!?!?

Ugh.  Yes.  It's getting worse.  They capitalize things that don't need capitalizing and then don't capitalize things that do need it.  Commas, apostrophes, semicolons, and colons are all problematic for many students. 

German students?

It's very Victorian.

Baleful used to do it here. It always made me giggle.

Quote from: frogfactory on March 01, 2013, 10:09:24 am

German students?

If that's the case then they are doing it wrong. In German, only the nouns are capitalized.


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