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Our faculty just recently passed new guidelines about how our academic calendar will be planned.  In this process there was talk of "laws" (whether these are state or federal laws remains unknown, by me anyway) about how many times a class has to meet over the course of the semester.  Additionally, we also apparently have to have the same number of MWF and TTh classes....which creates problems with holidays that fall on Mondays.  The claim that these were mandates set up by the state or federal govt seems a bit odd to me, especially since we are a private school. 

If anyone has any insight on this, I'd love to hear it. Some of the ways we handle our academic calendar seem bizarre to me and end up creating more work for faculty, i.e., having Mon classes meet on Tues, and I'm trying to find the logic in their reasoning.

Our fall semester starts on a Thursday, so that the classes missed for Thanksgiving balance out.  Not sure if it's a legal thing or just a uni policy.

Our accrediting agency does have a minimum number of hours that a course must meet in a term relative to the credits earned; it might be something like that.

In my state, the Board of Regents determines the minimum number of contact hours per credit hour.

If you're a private institution (and even if you're public, really) it's more about accreditation than anything else.


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