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Group of students walking in front of me: (name has been changed to protect the Prof)

"I totally said the wrong name"
"Its a weird name"
"Yeah but he got in my face about it"
"What is it anyway?
"Yo shy ro, or OO see oo, or something like that." (its Ueshiro - sweet guy can't imagine him getting in anyone's face)
"Just call em Father and your covered."

I had to change directions to stop laughing, because while there are a number of Priests who are Profs on our campus, most aren't.  And Father Ueshiro is one of the few Buddhists on campus.  Although he does teach in the Philosophy and Religious studies department.

Anyone else got some tib bits you have heard?

I actually sent this one in to Overheard Everywhere.

At a bus stop:

Guy: So, I'm doing this essay on Ohhh-de-pus.  It's really weird.  He kills his dad and he marries his mom.
Girl:  GROSS.  [pause] So, do they do it?
Guy:  Oh yeah.  Even had kids.
Girl:  Cool.

Near admin a couple of weeks ago, two undergrad girls walking if front of me.

A---"I hate to take classes with him. He's a perv!"
B--"just don't go to his office hours!"
A--"Nah, I think he'd rape me or something...
B--"He snapped the back of X's thong!"
A--"he didn't!
B--"yeah, total perv"
A--"Isn't that sexual harrassment or something?"
B-- "Nah, we don't believe in that stuff, that dyky feminst stuff"
A--"yeah, just stay out of reach and don't go to his office"
B--"yeah, that's what you have to do"

I'm still shocked by the entire exchange.

My school newspaper collects "overheard on campus" quotations from students and prints them. Students are encouraged to post ridiculous things their profs and TAs say. I don' t know how the paper prints them, but on the online collection site where these are displayed, students generally post with the professor's name.

I live in fear.

As you as you don't snap any thongs, I think you'll be OK.



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