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I had to laugh when a student used the adjective "upserd" in a paper.

Any more curiously appropriate misspellings?  I'm looking for laughter, not complaints about idiotic students.


Used over and over again in a paper about how one's life would be different if they were born of the other sex. This particular paper devolved into a rambling rant about how much men screwed women over because they were "biast and pregist". It took me a few reads to figure out that the author meant prejudiced.


It's always the whining students who use this, in whining contexts. It's just funny to find that they misspelled ridiculous in their belligerent message.

inbarased         embarrassed
conplane         complain
benelty         penalty
presude         persuade
make en's meat      make ends meet
parins         parents
soupier         superior
uncalmin         uncommon

Some students do not feel inbarased that they do not have soupier skills to spell uncalmin words, but they conplane to me and try to presude me that the grade benelty was too severe because they had to work all week to help their parins make en's meat.

Oh, this is maybe one percent of a list I have kept over the years.

What is troubling about these phonetic misrepresentations is that they indicate that the student is not hearing the pronunciation correctly. We can blame that on Ipods, I think.


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