Total Disrespect-is this a new trend?


Maybe I'm an old fuddy-duddy, but when I went to college in the 90's, I was in my thirties and my teachers were in their twenties.  I never held that against them or acted rudely in any way, shape or form. I respected their knowledge and if they didn't always have a great day, so what?  

Now I'm in my mid-forties and doing adjunct work at several colleges over the past few years in psychology.  I have to say that I never want to teach again.  These kids are rude, disrespectful beyond the beyonds.

Many feel  that I owe them a good grade because they have special pigmentation that earns them the right to disrespect me, but get a good grade too.  I had two kids making out in the classroom and I told them to go get a room. Some  kids who thought they knew everything because they took AP Psychology in high school but didn't get a good grade actually went to the dean and complained.  They made up stories and ruined my chances of getting another spot there. Not that I would want to stay.  

They have you over a barrel in these schools and they pay you twice in a semester.  I have to be independently wealthy just to work there.  I needed an advance because of a family illness and they said no. I suddenly got ill and could not work anymore, and when they replaced me? It was the happiest day of my week.  Now I can get a normal job.  All I want  to do is research, why can't I get a job doing a research project in a cubicle somewhere punching numbers into SPSS?  That would be my idea of a great job at this point.  I live in Albany if anyone knows of such a job.

Sure, I'll hire you.  You sound like you would be an upbeat, positive influence on those around you.

Visiting ass't. prof.:
Sorry to hear about your troubles with your institution.  It sounds like both the students and the powers-that-be are not very respectful of the faculty there.  Best of luck in seeking your niche in the world outside of academia.


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