constant observation of a class: how to handle?

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This is well past "help a colleague out."  Years ago when I was uncomfortable teaching a new class (in grad school at the time), I signed up at our local university for a class that was similar to the one my grad department wanted me to teach.  I paid for the class since I believed that the instructor shouldn't be giving away the store for free.  I also told the instructor why I was taking the class, and he very generously volunteered to share notes and review my syllabus, but these were not things I'd asked him to do.  The Potential Adjunct is o'erleaping into Special Snowflake territory, and I'd just ignore the whiny emails.  If the emails persist, hand off to your Chair.

Potential Adjunct started out potentially creepy and is fast becoming actually creepy.  Just Say No.

Quote from: hegemony on January 30, 2013,  8:21:40 am

Potential Adjunct started out potentially creepy and is fast becoming actually creepy.  Just Say No.

I think we're way passed creepy now.  Since the Chair initially suggested playing nice, I'd run it by him/her, but I think it's time to cut this adjunct off.  I can see sharing some sample syllabi, answering some questions, or maybe even sharing a few course materials.  This adjunct comes across as a whiney, entitled snowflake who seems to expect the OP to do her work for her.

Whoever said that Potential Adjunct would probably cut down on the emails and classroom visits after her own semester started was right on: she has come to two more classes (after asking first) but hasn't emailed me once since last week.



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