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Author Topic: Lone Librarian in a vocational school  (Read 55863 times)
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Thank you for the ideas! Sometimes old-fashioned marketing is better than complicated projects so I appreciate the input.  I'm finding many students are either not educated on how a library functions/can help them or are unconvinced that it can help. So it's possible that just getting myself in front of them to discuss this is what's needed. 

I've already done orientations in their classes but it was a formal lecture situation and I needed to get across a lot of boring, housekeeping information so I don't think the above ideas were communicated well enough.  In addition, this is a for-profit organization where I am not as autonomous as other academic situations so I need to run a lot of things past managers who don't have time to approve many of my initiatives and seem to be okay with how the library is working so far while I would like more student interaction.

I love your idea of the contests and was actually thinking of a book giveaway to spark interest in our Facebook page, which I also run, but doing it for the library would also be great to get people in the door. We're kind of stuck in a corner of the building so it can be hard to get people in.

Thanks again!
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