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Consider it a new game. Tells us what happened in office hours that was shocking, interesting, inspiring or whatever.

Today, in fact, I was shocked that three students showed up to my early morning hours (8am to 10am). All semester I have not had three students in any block of office hours (morning or afternoon) and we are in the penultimate week of the semester now. Of course, one of them wasn't taking any classes from me and just wanted to some help fixing the future schedule she and her advisor had managed to screw royally. And the other two were my top student (97%) in intro (who wanted to know which two questions she'd missed on the exam) and my hardest working student (85%) in intro II (who's always working at least two weeks ahead but gets frustrated when he can't get something right on the homework or a practice problem). 

The students who really NEED to come to office hours, often do not.

So, what's happening during your office hours? Anything interesting?  Beguile us with your tale. I have set the bar very low here, so it won't be hard to beguile us...

A student with who has earned 280 of 675 points in the class so far stopped by to see if she could pass. Two class sessions left, one devoted to a unit test. Points still in play: 150 pts on a unit test, 150 pts on a cumulative final, 25 points on in-class stuff (which student routinely doesn't submit). I explained how the math worked and that there is technically a mathematical possibility of passing (60 being the cutoff between D and F), but that only she could judge the likelihood of her remaining performance meeting the necessary level.

The amazing part came as she left, saying "Great! Sounds good! Is there a study guide?"

I pointed her to the study guide that has been posted since we began the unit, weeks ago. But really, how can this "sound good"?

Not a great story, but Octo said the bar was set low.

I have a grad student in class who bombed the first exam, didn't bother to turn in redos that would have raised that grade from a C/D to a B/C, replied that he would probably drop when I emailed suggesting that he wasn't given to pass, and skipped the second exam.  I'm expecting an appointment request now that the drop deadline has passed.  The only grade he can possibly get is an F.  I hope he doesn't show up to office hours.

Students who are under the impression that I live in my office, and they can come by any time day or night. Students who assume they can set up special appointments on weekends (as one student in a 200-student lecture course, no less). Student who threw a stapler at me in my office for not changing his grade. Students who come to my office to cry uncontrollably (this happens regularly in one team-taught course).

Grad students who come to my office and act like snowflake undergrads, complaining that the class is too hard and implicitly asking for special consideration as peers, though they are taking my class.

Also: something something urethrae.

Typical mundane-yet-frustrating crap.

Big paper was due last week. I gave Troubled Student (TS)an extra day; she just turned it in today.

Written directions were clear that I would not grade the big paper if it didn't have a works cited list. Students have had directions for this all semester long. Recently I spent a class period reviewing how to write citations; in other classes students saw multiple examples and heard regular reminders about the absolute necessity of a works cited list.

TS stops by today to hand me her paper (because she still can't figure out the CMS). I note that it doesn't have a works cited list yet. She says, "I know. I didn't know how to do it."  So I spent a good part of my office hours explaining it to her.

On preview: b, the stapler incident sounds frightening. Did he/she hit you with it?


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