Crappy class before evals to be given out: what to do?

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I had a crappy class this morning and evaluations will be given out during our next meeting in two days.  I suppose that there's nothing more that I can do other than just sit and stew.  Despite my best efforts, this class has been up and down all semester, so I can't just rest on my laurels.  But, we have certainly had better class meetings than the last one.  How do I get ahold of that memory erasure devices used in Men in Black?

Bribe them with baked goods or pizza during the next class session?

I will announce an extension to the final project next week just before I pass out the veal sheets.  Do or announce something they like beforehand.

Wax lyrical about what a good and challenging class they've been and how much stronger they are than other classes that you've taught on the same subject.

Brixton, in the past I have done something like you suggest when it is the last class of the semester.  But this year a new policy has been put in place and we cannot hand out evals during the last class.  So, there would be no reason for me to make such a statement at this point.


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