Good experience


I have just finished teaching a course on biomedical anthropology (as an adjunct). The experience was very good. It was the only course I was teaching, most of the 15 students were seniors, and according to other faculty, this cohort of students contains some very good students.  

One student in particular touched me. She was one of two minority students, in her second year, and not a major. The course was writing intensive. I told the class to make use of the writing center; as an adjunct, I did not have the time on campus to mentor them extensively with their writing. She was the only student to make use of the writing center, and the improvement in her writing skills was just amazing. And she was quick, prepared for class, and able to make broader connections among course materials than even more experienced students.  

After the last class, she stayed back to tell me she enjoyed the class, and that she almost felt like crying that it was over. She said that she had never met a white person who would talk so openly about race (a course that deals with health inequities that doesn't address race and social class would not be complete). She gave me a hug, and said she would pray for me to get a good permanent job. Makes it all worthwhile.


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