Plagiarism Chronicles

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Along similar lines, I've had students tell me that a certain fact "has" to be considered correct because it came from ChaCha. Ha ha. As if.

Quote from: professor_pat on June 28, 2013,  1:05:52 pm

Oh, I'm jealous, MTG - I couldn't view the responses without becoming a Chegg member. Is there any way you can share them?

The student received 4 answers. The first was posted 11 minutes after the request, and was simply a link to this. The other 3 were fully written essays. The first of those was posted 13 minutes after the request was made, and is the one I was laughing about. I've PMed it to you. The 3rd response came 8 hours after the request. It's a more poorly formatted version of the second response. (Yes, that's correct. It is word-for-word identical to the second response.) Amusingly, the fourth response, which was posted a full day later, is the text from the link posted by the first respondent.

The statistics for the respondents are:

#1 has provided 63 answers and has received an average rating of 3 stars. Specialties are given as Physics, advanced math, advanced physics, calculus, and mechanical engineering.

#2 has responded 3,471 times and has a 3.9 star rating. Specialties are Physics, chemistry, advanced math, advanced physics, and mechanical engineering.

#3 has chalked up 1,383 answers, and has a 4.1 star rating. Specialties are Other, Biology, advanced physics, chemistry, and American history.

#4 has provided 546 answers, but has received a suboptimal 2.6 stars for his/her efforts. S/he lists specialties of physics, chemistry, advanced physics, accounting, and finance.

Oh, the original poster has asked for 123 answers and has managed a 100% response rate.

Hah, that poster sure got his/her money's worth from those responses (NOT). Glad Chegg is out there providing such good "homework help" to needy students. Thanks for sharing the info, MTG.

Interesting site. A friend of mine teaches a course listed there. I think I will help out the students and let her know that they are struggling with the homework.

Thank you, MTG. Now I know what to tell my students what to expect when they ask for homework help from Chegg.


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