midterm exam quandry

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Quote from: lingling7 on February 26, 2013,  3:02:20 pm

weekly quizzes

Not in a large class, no way. Uh uh. I am not going to inflict that torture on myself.

Not to mention the fact that this is college and Real Life doesn't always give us bite sized chunks of things to do. The skill of breaking big projects (like studying a chunk of information) down into smaller bits is a valuable life skill. I'd rather students learn that now than years from now when their ability to pay the rent depends on their continued employment.

Quote from: bioteacher on February 24, 2013, 12:58:40 pm

And then we talk about The Rule: Every day you brush your teeth is a day you should spend time on this class.

This one might get scary results with some freshpeeps!


I used to meet with students who failed mid-term examinations, but decided after last semester not to do so.  The Fs either disappear for the rest of the semester and then show up for the final, or (rarely) drop the class.

Quote from: shadowfaxe on February 24, 2013, 10:37:19 am

I should add that, when any of my students get a failing grade, I require them to meet with me individually, so I may get some clues in the next couple of days.

Hey, shadofaxe, this is something I've wanted to do for a long time--making students who fail an exam come and meet with me so we can sort some things out--but I've never figured out the practicalities of making it happen. What or how do you tell the students that they need to meet with you? How formal is it? What happens if they don't meet with you?

Feel free to PM if you don't want to derail the main topic here.

This wasn't directed at me, but when I want to see a student because they didn't do well on an exam I just write "Please see me" on the exam. Or "Please see me to review the exam in detail." This usually does the trick. The students who want to be bothered will come up at the end of the class or contact me. The others just float away... If they do not contact me and meet with me, I don't do anything. But at least they have no right to say that I just let them fail or do poorly without offering any help.


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