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Author Topic: "My Fake College Syllabus"  (Read 9541 times)
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« Reply #30 on: February 09, 2013, 12:05:23 pm »

Here's another tired parody of English professors:


Not very funny at all.

Oh, I had a chuckle at that one. I think it's less about English professors and more about how movies depict the professoriate in general. It is true that most of the movie scenes that take place in classrooms can be reduced to the basic elements mentioned there.

One thing he forgot:

I will write two or three seemingly unrelated words on the chalkboard before we begin discussion, and every so often I will return to one of them and underline it in a declamatory fashion. And yes, it will be a chalkboard and not a dry-erase board. A BLACK chalkboard, mind -- we'll have none of that elementary-school green chalkboard nonsense. And chalk. Dusty white chalk. Whole sticks of chalk -- no tiny little pieces that you have to grip with your fingernails while praying you can get another two sentences out of them.


VP, when are *you* going to write a McSweeney's column, my dear?  Your one paragraph is far better than that whole column.

+1  New England, elbow patches, naive Midwestern kids, jock is a jerk, sincere geeky lab partner, etc, etc.

One cliché piled on top of another.  It's hard to believe it was written by a professional writer - and for which he was presumably paid.

The whole point is that it was a pile of clichés mocking the movies that include those clichés. But perhaps the cliché pile is now cliché itself?

Clearly I'm too stupid to get it.  Piling clichés on top of each other deliberately is now considered creative writing?  If a student did this, you'd give him/her a C and move on.  But when a 'writer' does it in McSweeney's, it's apparently creative.  Like I said, I'm too stupid and plebian to get it.

Perchance you hail from the Midwest?

"Persons of good sense, I have since observed, seldom fall into [argument], except lawyers, university men, and men of all sorts that have been bred at Edinborough." -Benjamin Franklin
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