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So, do any of you use a testing center? At my university, students taking online courses can be required to take exams (online or paper exams) in the proctored testing center. The center can also be used for students taking makeup exams.

So, I gave an exam in more than one class on the same day. I warned the testing center workers about this in advance. The names of the courses (and course numbers) are clearly marked on the cover of each exam. The testing center workers were given the required forms as well as a list of the students in each course (stapled to the required form for each exam) and everything was bundled together by course, as always.

Amazingly, three students managed to take the wrong exam. One of them realized when he got to the end of it and asked the center worker about it. He was then given the correct exam, which he then took.

However, two other students took the wrong exam. In both cases, they took an exam for a course they'd already passed (that is a prereq for the course they are taking). In both cases, students appear to be oblivious to the name and number of the course they are taking. In both cases, the testing center did not check the rolls (I presume they didn't do this for any of the classes, in fact...).  

In one case, the student is an ADA student with accommodations. For this student a separate form was filled out and a separate exam was given with that form, all specific to the student, who was supposed to be given extra time and private space and other common accommodations. Still, this student was given the wrong exam (and the student didn't notice the material was not what should have been expected).

What the heck?

These are sophomores and juniors, by the way.

My inclination is to require both students to return to the center and take the correct exam (while I delay returning the exams to the other students).

Of course, I'm going to investigate tomorrow to find out exactly what happened in both cases (i.e. why is the testing center not checking the class rolls and just handing out random exams? Why did I even bother to send the class rolls, which I have always done...?), but it is apparent the students didn't even look at the test's front page, or they are unaware which course they are taking, or worse, in addition to any culpability on the part of the testing center workers.

Anyone else had testing center issues?  How have you dealt with them?

I only use the testing center for a limited number of cases. I always write the student name directly on the exam.

At my university, we have to fill out a special online form in order to enable a student who needs special accommodations to take the test at the official proctored testing center.   There's a place on the form to upload .pdf documents.

Often, the online system just doesn't work.  In those cases, I have to email an employee of the testing center, and ask permission to send the information via email to them, personally.  After they admit the online system isn't working correctly that day, I have to email them again with the name of the student, the name and number of the class, detailed instructions for the administration of the exam, detailed contact information for me [including my cell phone number and times during which I can be contacted], and then, of course, I have to attach the exam to the email.  

You might think I'd have an issue with sending the exam via email, but I don't.  Personal communication from me to a known person at the center is much more reliable than that stupid wonky online system.

We use a testing center for final exams.  It has worked pretty well.  Several faculty are present to help proctor.  However the administration has decided to get rid of desks and put in tables in order to promote collaborative learning, so we're not sure if we'll be able to use the room as a testing center anymore.

Our learning center proctors exams in a pretty nifty glass testing room complete with cameras. I also write the name of the student on all parts of the exam. However, I only use the test center for make-ups. Having whole classes taking exams would be more challenging. Is there any way to make the students responsible for double-checking that they have the correct exam?


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