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Posting to get the fora's opinion on a somewhat sticky situation. How would you help a student who has been victimized by faculty members and instructors after filing a formal complaint? There's enough evidence to prove that the student was penalized academically after the complaint was formalized -- penalties that only ceased once the student lawyered up -- but now the decision has to be made as to whether or not the student should exhaust all internal procedures in the University or elevate the matter to the courts. The victimization is fairly easy to prove in an impartial setting (i.e. A+ and A- turned into Fs and Cs after the complaint was filed, miraculously turning back into A+s when lawyers were called in) since the case has a precedent, but does the fora feel it is worth pursuing or that processes will be fair to the student? 

What role do you have in the situation? Without knowing the specific details, it's hard to offer useful advice.

Can't provide more specific details since it's in legal stages. Can say that the student had a 4.0 GPA and a strong academic background whereas faculty members in question were the subject of previous student complaints re: bullying and victimization. The semester when the complaint was filed was really the only gap, and faculty started circling the wagons to target the student and protect their own. After lawyers were called in, the student maintained a 4.0 GPA in the subsequent semester. 

Question is, would the University admincritters see it that way or is the student better off filing a suit directly?

In other threads, I think the concensus is that students need to follow the complaint process through, regardless of what administrators are likely to do. Otherwise, they risk derailing a potential court case.

Not sure about legal stuff, but it seems like there's nothing to lose by taking it to the admincritters. If it really is that clear cut, that I would hope the admincritters would fall on the side of truth and justice. Depend on the admincritters and the institutional culture.

If the grades have already been changed back, what is the student seeking to gain at this point?


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