"favorite" student e-mails

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Here's my favorite so far this term (although there are so many, it's hard to choose!).

Received at the start of the third week of classes:

"hi, this is ___and I'm in your ___ class but have been golfing in [sunny vacation destination] for the past couple weeks so i have missed the first few classes. just wondering if there is anything important that i have missed ... please let me know what i should do."

!! This type of message used to p*** me off! Now, my new tactic is to save them in a special folder to share with colleagues later. So my first reaction to this message was one of glee ("I can't wait to show this one to Prof. CornerOffice!") instead of anger and frustration ("must.. control... fists!"). It's so much better for my stress level.

Do you have any "favorites" to share?

Here's one I received from an internet student the day AFTER an essay was due:

"i lost totally can u send help"

Not even advanced enough to begin the email with "Hey."

Quote from: fishbrains on October 13, 2006,  2:49:52 pm

Not even advanced enough to begin the email with "Hey."

... or my other favorite opener: "umm.."

Or the general purpose, "Yo [my last name]--what up with ". . .

This wasn't an email, but a request directly from a student.  They wanted to know if I could start my afternoon class half an hour earlier.


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