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There was a discussion on the relative merits of different online adjunct positions but it was outdated and I decided to start this new one.

I had taught for three years at U of Phoenix between 2002-05 in addition to my FT job.  It provided just the right amount of money to pay the minimum payment of my mortgage-sized student loan debt.  I moved out of the US for eight years and taught abroad and am now moving back to the US without a job.  My student loan is gone and I've got a few bucks in the bank so I'm not too stressed about my financial situation.  (Although moments of near panic do set in from time to time....)

I have contacted U of Phoenix again in the hopes that I might be able to begin working for them again.  I did some searching online and found Southern New Hampshire U and filled out their online app.  They responded within a day asking for my transcripts.  Before I move into their training, I'd like to get any feedback people here would be willing to give.  I see that week by week, the pay with UOP and SNHU is almost identical but I know from experience that UOP is straight formula--you design your "lectures" once and just babysit the class for five weeks.  I had it down to about eight hours a week.  (Don't get me wrong--I'm an extremely good teacher and I give students as much real feedback as I can--I just mean that with UOP I was able to do so very efficiently.)  SNHU seems to be cramming a 15-week semester into eight weeks.  Does this mean that I'll need to spend twice as much time on the class?  Obviously if I have to spend more than eight hours a week on the class, I'm better off with UOP.

Lastly, can you all recommend some good schools for me to pursue?  I teaching writing at all levels, literature, and general humanities.  I'm a very good teacher with 16 years on the ground and three online.  I have a Ph.D in English/Comparative Literature if that effects your advice.

Thank you all in advance--I greatly appreciate anything you might suggest.

I also have a mental block about affect/effect.  Don't hold it against me!

I found that SNHU is a lot of work.  Professors are expected to respond to pretty much every post by a student, there are two or three assignments per week and assignments must be graded (with detailed feedback) by Wednesday after a Sunday midnight deadline for submissions.  Also, students who are underperforming need to have their advisors notified on a weekly basis.

That said, I'd probably be working for them still, but we had a disagreement about how to handle plagiarism, so I quit.  I'm not willing to compromise my integrity for a paycheck.


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