Teaching at a Women's College?


I will begin teaching at an all-women's college in the Northeast this fall. Although I am very much looking forward to the experience, particularly as I am female, I don't have much familiarity or first-hand knowledge of this type of environment. About nine years ago after graduating from high school, I almost attended this same college, but elected to attend an out-of-state, public university due to funding.  

I am wondering if anyone can give me any positive/encouraging advice on maybe what to expect from the experience.

Thank you in advance.

Woman's College Grad:
Hi --

I can't help you from the faculty end, but I went to a woman's college as an undergrad. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. The environment was supportive, relationships between faculty and students were close, and the atmosphere was relaxed. Everyone ENJOYED learning. My school was quite small (under 900 students), so that may have had something to do with it, but the lack of male students really opened us up. We went to class in pajamas, we were free to express ourselves, etc. There were plenty of men's and co-ed colleges around, so we still got that side of the college experience, but ultimately our campus was a place of learning. I'd love to return and teach there one day. You're going to love your job!  Best of luck.



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