snowflake loses grade appeal, sues Lehigh U for $1.3 million

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Poor little baby. Time to call the waaaahmbulance. My "favorite" part of the story: her dad is a faculty member at the same university and attended the grade appeal hearings with her.

I've sent a facebook message (there don't appear to be many people with that name on Facebook, I think I've got the right one):

Now *everyone* has heard of you!!

Mountainguy- that's the part that stood out to me as well.  Setting aside my other thoughts about this story, if this is a sampling of how this woman copes with her own problems, then she should not be counseling others.

Get a GRIP, people. It's a grade.

You can't always make things work out the way you want them to in life.  Sometimes you just have to eat it and move on.  That seems to be the fundamental principle that snowflakes can't grasp.

I loathe people like this (grad student, parent).

One thing that stood out to me is the "zero for class participation." Not that it probably would have stopped this suit, but it speaks to having a clear measure of participation, if it is part of a student's grade. The article isn't clear if the professor had that or not.


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