Harvard Expels Dozens For Cheating

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Harvard apparently has expelled about 70 students for cheating on a take-home exam last May.  According to the story:


Harvard would not say how many students had been disciplined for cheating on a take-home final exam given last May in a government class, but the university’s statements indicated that the number forced out was around 70. The class had 279 students, and Harvard administrators said last summer that “nearly half” were suspected of cheating and would have their cases reviewed by the Administrative Board. On Friday, a Harvard dean, Michael D. Smith, wrote in a letter to faculty members and students that, of those cases, “somewhat more than half” had resulted in a student’s being required to withdraw.

And then there's this:


It was a heavy blow to sports programs, because the class drew a large number of varsity athletes, some of them on the basketball team.

Ths was on the BBC news front page.  I don't think I even saw it on the CHE main page.  That struck me as odd.

According to the Times:


"The Administrative Board’s Web site says that forced withdrawals usually last two to four semesters, after which a student may return."

It's not quite the same as expulsion, but it looks like Harvard's academic [urlhttp://www.insidehighered.com/news/2012/09/06/honor-code-may-not-be-enough-solve-academic-integrity-issues-harvard]integrity policy lacks much in the way of teeth[/url]:


One idea administrators have floated publicly is an honor code. But experts say the whole situation is indicative of systemic issues that will be hard to address simply by throwing one together.

Perhaps the main culprit in such behavior, experts say, one that is ingrained deeply in college students today – particularly at elite universities like Harvard – is the idea that the main objective should be to pass, not to learn.

The "cheat to win" mentality is hardly unique to to Harvard, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a sense of entitlement at a place like that that fuels the fire.

Here's a link to our forum's thread from when the cheating story first broke:
https://chronicle.com/forums/index.php/topic,98388.0.html - DvF

Thanks, DvF. I was so wrong in my prediction in that thread:

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Any predictions on how Harvard handles this?

Depends on how many of the cheaters are the children of big donors and U.S. senators.

I predict the students get slapped on the wrist and that the professor is denied tenure.


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