Letter of Reference:
I just had a student approach me after 3 weeks of class for a letter of reference for a scholarship.  My protocol has always been to write a letter of reference only if a student has completed one full class with me (preferably two), with a solid record of accomplishment.  So far she is doing 'A' work (we have had several assignments already) how would others handle this issue?

Sorry, I reversed the 'name' and 'subject', doing class work on a Sunday evening after a large dinner and vino is definitely not a good idea.....

I would write the letter; however, I would check with others in your dept on this particular student, if you can. Deadlines might mean you cant wait a full term.

Visiting ass't. prof.:
So far, I've written for 2 students who I've taught only since the last week of January, but there were compelling reasons for my writing for them.  One of them (a sophomore) was applying for a summer fellowship directly related to the course topic.  The other (a first-year applying to transfer to another school) asked me because my course is the smallest one in terms of teacher/student ratio that she has taken so far.

I think it is ideal to write for a student who has already completed a class with you, but if there are compelling reasons for doing otherwise, I don't think there is anything amiss with it.

Kathleen Verner:
I would write the letter of reference if I was convinced that his particular student earned it and the scholarship was in an area to which I could  respond. Otherwise, I would stkick with the protocol that I had already established.



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