So this is how Capella University "teaches" qualitative methods...

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Because I do a little research consulting, I was forwarded an email from a doc student at Capella University (a for-profit online university) containing this:

I am in the Dissertation phase of my program and am preparing for the Methods... I am conducting a qualitative research study that will rely on a phenomenological strategy... I will be required to complete the data analysis section by relying on the skills of someone familiar with not only phenomenological approaches, but also with software programs such as MAXqda, Atlas.ti, or QSR NVivo... I am not acquainted with such a professional, Capella does not offer assistance for this task, and I am therefore interested in any suggestions you might have or referral to any such services offered by your department...

Oh my.

I wonder how many people have received PhD's from Capella University without understanding how to analyze their own dissertation data.

Then again, a PhD from Capella University doesn't exactly set you up for an R1 research position...

Did you forward the email back to Capella University?


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