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Hi Everyone,

Quick survey: How many of you give out your grading rubric in face to face classes? I am thinking of implimenting it in my summer classes.

I teach US history and it is a writing-intensive course with 3 papers due each semester.

Thoughts? Good idea, bad idea?

Transparency is a good thing. Telling students your expectations is a good thing. Give them the rubric.

I provide my grading rubrics to all of my students in all of my classes.

Withholding a rubric is like asking a student to shoot an arrow at an invisible target.  Don't be surprised when they miss.

I am a writing instructor, and I am honestly baffled by the notion that a grading rubric would be some sort of jealously guarded "code clearance only" bit of information in any class.  At two different schools where I have taught, one of the formal course evaluation questions addressed this issue explicitly -- something along the lines of, "Does this professor make their grading standards and process clear for major assignments?"

I agree with everyone else.

You do want them to succeed in meeting your expectations, right? They should know what they are in order to do that.


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