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News: Talk about how to cope with chronic illness, disability, and other health issues in the academic workplace.
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Author Topic: REF Stress & All that mess  (Read 21778 times)
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Ignore preceding comments.   I believe you are saying something else and not what I saw at first reading.
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That's right.

 For folks who might be confused, there are two aspects to an input case study. There's the impact itself - i.e. a demonstrable difference outside academia - and there's the underpinning research. There must be a clear link between the impact and the research and the latter must reach a quality threshold of 2*. Beyond that, the quality doesn't matter as its the impact which is being assessed. Hence, panels will look for proxy indicators of research quality with peer review being an obvious one.

With respect to journal quality, I agree that encouraging folks to publish in poor quality journals is a bad strategy. If nothing else, a series of such papers will make the overall submission look weak. With respect to HEFCE guidance and psychology, I think there's a clear distinction between end member journals and the muddled middle. In other words, the initial impression of a Nature paper is that it's 4* whereas something in the North Yorkshire Journal of Geology would be perceived as UC or 1*. Beyond that, REF peer review will be much more important.

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