$10k degrees of education

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If the California experience is any guide, making tuition low won't necessarily improve college access. (See this article regarding CC tuition in California).

I disagree that it is primarily a political stunt. What they are trying to do is effect coordination among the various providers of higher education to provide an option for students to get a college degree for $10K. I am both a professor at a public university in Texas and a parent of a student (soon to be students) in the Texas higher education system. There are myriad administrative blocks that prevent (or at least make it very difficult) a student from piecing together a reasonable college education -- some advanced high school coursework, a good portion of CC time, then finishing off at a local public 4-year institution. Is it ideal? Of course not. But is it wrong to set this up as something that should be pursued (particularly the inter-school partnerships as alluded to by drnobody)? I don't think so.

Mouseman, I think that your numbers are way, way off.

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Say, you have a smallish university with 15,000 students
Collegestats.org has over 4000 colleges listed. Less than 300 have more than15000 students.


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On average there are about 13.8 students per faculty, so that's about 3950 faculty
I work at a 12000 student body campus and looking at the salary information from our state newspaper, there are a total of 1316 employees.  Of those, about 700 earn less than $40,000, so I am positive that these are not faculty or administrators!  The student faculty ratio should be on a per-class basis, so the ratio is not a good way to deduce faculty.   

For my campus, the salary page lists 226 people with titles assistant/associate/full professor.
Median salaries for the 81 assistant profs is 55k
Median salaries for the 80 associate profs is 64.8K
Median salaries for the 65 full profs is 76.3K

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the average administrator's salary is about $250,000 a year
My university prez makes $230,000.  That is the highest salary by far.  There are 5 deans on campus, and the highest makes <$160,000.  There are six salaries above 160K an 200K and only 1 is a prof, and that is some super chair at the campus research institute (only the prez is above 200).The provost makes in the 180s. 
The point is that my university is close in size to what you mention in your numbers and there is no way that the numbers stated are anywhere close to accurate.

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On average there are 64 students per administrator, and 22 students per clerical worker.  So that's 234 administrators, and 680 clerical workers.
  Im not sure where these numbers come from or what to say. 

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and clerical staff make about $35,000 per year
I dont know where you are but, our TOP admin assistants (the Dean's personal secretary) makes about that number.  The "clerical staff" make about 1/3rd of that number ... about 24K a year -$12 an hour.

Why should tuition for 4 years cost less than a new car? The average price of a new car in 2012 was $30,303.
Especially, since student's education lasts longer than 11 years on average.

Is that 10K per year or per degree?


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