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Author Topic: face time on campus?  (Read 10017 times)
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I'm going to be working part time after babyspouse goes to nursery, and I am getting specific days written into my contract, and our institution has finally started asking staff which days they are available for teaching - though I think that part-time working, or an employment-related commitment elsewhere (e.g. clinical days for clinical teaching staff) would be the only good reason to block out teaching.

Previously, colleagues in other departments (I am only no 3 ever to request part-time working in my department) have been told "we know you only work Tues through Friday but we have scheduled you to teach 6 weeks of Monday afternoon practicals. Good luck finding childcare!"

If your institution does team teaching (i.e. several members of staff teach the same module) you may find that you teach on a variety of different days, each for only a few weeks. So you may have four weeks in term 2 when you have to teach Fridays, and four weeks in term 1 when you have to teach Mondays, but no weeks when you have to teach both. Now that is something you CAN ask about at interview (not the schedule, but the type of teaching pattern).

I find that colleagues often just say "I'm unavailable" when we try to schedule a meeting and I know fine well they are working from home - but I don't call them on it - because I also know they are productive people who will, for example, turn admin round quickly on that day and do tasks when they say they will.

I can't think of anyone who has abused this, though, and it sounds like expatinuk's school run colleague is doing this (hasn't he heard of after-school clubs? or part-time working? mrspouse does not work in academia, but we have vaguely discussed the possibility of him working maybe 0.9 once babyspouse is in school, so he can do one school pickup, I'd maybe work 0.8 and do two, and then we'd use the after school club for the other two days).
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