Professors Killing Grandparents 2013 version (PKG13)

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Quote from: llanfair on January 19, 2013,  5:31:26 pm

Wow, Octo.  She's using up Grandpa awfully early in the semester.  (Actually, because it's Grandpa rather than Grandma, I tend to believe her.)

And ProfTowanda - I salute you ;)

Ha!  The student just cybersaluted me, after an exchange of emails in which the student attempted several of the usual ploys -- "all of my other professors are fine with this," without the paperwork and in contravention to campus policy about which service to accommodate, etc., plus "I will make calls to make you do this" -- to which I responded with the voice of authority ala the Commander in Chief.  The last sentence was along the lines of "or, you can provide the paperwork, politely, and I can figure out something, even if it does not qualify for accommodations."  (As, although the student does not realize already admitting it, the training does not.)

Authority, military students understand.  The student's reply now, befittingly, borders on the obsequious.  

By the way, I also always believe and console students who lose family and friends, so close to them and so significant to them that I welcome the evidence -- newspaper obit, church bulletin -- to learn more about the wonderful people in their lives.  Reading those really can be interesting and instructive (I am a historian) as well as an opportunity to say something nice and personal to students, especially in my huge classes, and especially when they most need it.

So, after thousands of students, I have had dozens of these, and only once did a student not also welcome the opportunity to send (or bring) the stories of those lives.

Quote from: proftowanda on January 19, 2013,  4:38:57 pm

So far, with classes not yet having started. I've killed no elderly but apparently am responsible for scheduling the removal of wisdom teeth in the first week -- after many weeks of semester break, without classes -- when the first assignment is due . . . although the assignment is in an online class and can be posted ahead of time. 

I was in a similar situation, except that I was also responsible for getting the student's schedule changed at the last minute so that the conflict occurred.  I did get the student's schedule changed at the last minute--so that instead of having two classes that met at that time of the wisdom teeth appointment, both required for graduation at the end of the semester, the student only has my class and will take the other class as an independent study*.  Yes, the student had a huge conflict with two classes and did nothing about that conflict for six weeks except schedule wisdom teeth extraction at the time of the greatest conflict.

*Big meanie that I am, I refused to do a lab class as an independent study and insisted that the other class (mostly reading, writing, and lecture) be the one taken independent study if my lab couldn't be moved in a way to accommodate both this student with a conflict and all the other students already registered.

My tally for the first two weeks of the term is:

a car accident, two cars totaled, on the first day, wisdom teeth, anda grandparent with a chemotherapy appointment
This is the second term in which I've heard the grandparent/chemo story. 

I was responsible for one student being in THREE car accidents last term, amazingly, all true. 

The first was no doubt true - I noticed about a month in the semester that she began camping out in the classroom long before class started.  Class started at 9:00, and I typically arrive at 8:30.  I asked her about it, and she claimed that her car was totaled, and now she was getting dropped off at school at 8:00 by a relative.  But that was all ironed out, and a few weeks later, she had a new car. 

For a week.  Exactly a week, and then she was in another accident.  She was hit by a drunk driver, and I KNOW that one was true because it made the local news. (The driver was an elected official).  Poor thing.  She needed some extensions - obviously granted. 

Insurance got her another new car. 

And then, during the last week of class?  She tells me she was in YET ANOTHER CAR ACCIDENT.  I'm thinking this was also true, as she didn't need an extension... so why would she tell me other than it WAS true? 

macaroon, your student scares me. I sure hope she doesn't drive anywhere I drive, ever!

Quote from: retread on January 20, 2013, 10:04:28 pm

My tally for the first two weeks of the term is:

a car accident, two cars totaled, on the first day, wisdom teeth, anda grandparent with a chemotherapy appointment
This is the second term in which I've heard the grandparent/chemo story. 

Chemo is not a surprise appointment. I can understand wanting to take your grandparent to chemo, but the chemo treatment folks are pretty flexible, in our experience, at least, about the appointments. Granted some treatments take all day, but usually they can be moved a hour or a day in whatever direction with no big deal (unlike many regular doctor appointments). Mr. W. was in the chemo room every day for four weeks and we could mostly pick and choose our appointments to work around my job. If we had to change, one, it got changed.

At least you haven't killed this particular grandparent, just made them really sick...

And wisdom teeth. I just don't get that. They couldn't do that over the break? Really? Wait until Spring break? Or May? Really? I guess I am a meanie. I never heard of a wisdom tooth emergency...


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